International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Moritz Delivered to New York District

At the end of August the new 58-foot survey boat Moritz was bound for its final destination in New York via the Panama Canal. It was unloaded in Fort Lauderdale Florida then piloted to New York by a crew from Kvichak Marine Industries. Read More

Blast Inaugurates Panama Canal Deepening

On March 6 Brazil President Fernando Henrique Cardoso and Panama President Mireya Moscoso launched the Panama Canal's channel deepening project by setting off a spectacular blast that marked another milestone in the famous waterway's history.The seven-year deepening project will remove 6.7 million cubic meters of material from the navigation channel lowering the depth to elevation 34 feet. Read More

Panama Canal Pushboat Sinks

The Panama Canal pushboat Chame II sank at approximately 10:05 p.m. Friday August 18 as she and the tug Gamboa transported the drill barge Thor--all three ACP property--toward a dredge site in Corozal West. The three had just exited the Miraflores Locks. Read More

Panama Canal Widening at 75 Percent

Gaillard or Culebra Cut a narrow eight-mile-long stretch was widened from its original 300 feet to 500 feet during the 1960s. The ongoing widening program will increase the navigable channel to a minimum of 630 feet in straight sections and 730 feet on curves reducing the time vessels must spend maneuvering in this area of the Canal. Read More