International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

December 2002 Editorial

We lost two good dredging friends in recent months and both happened to be in Baltimore. Bob Jantzen and Tom Galvin both made great contributions to the dredging industry and both will be sorely missed. Read More

Isaac Ike Carter Dies

.Isaac Ike Freeman Carter Jr. died of cancer on Wednesday January 15. He was 75. Mr. Carter was in the dredging business for 50 years and performed marine contracting jobs for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and private entities in Arkansas Oklahoma Mississippi Louisiana Tennessee Georgia and Florida. Read More

Robert Jantzen Dies

Robert J. Jantzen died on September 30 2002 of cancer. He was 68.Widely known in the dredging industry as a dredge engineer and builder Mr. Jantzen designed seven dredges and modified more than 50 since starting Jantzen Engineering Co. Inc. in 1966. Among his designs are the clamshell dredge Virginian owned by Norfolk Dredging Company the Jim Bean (now the Carolina owned by Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company) and the cutterhead dredge Sir Walter Raleigh (now the Arizona owned by Great Lakes Dredge & Dock.) Read More

Thomas Galvin Dies

Thomas Keough Galvin Jr. died Friday September 20th of cancer at Gilchrist Center for Hospice Care in Baltimore Maryland. He was 75 and had lived in Baltimore for 50 years. He joined Ellicott Machine Corporation in 1952 and established and managed the company's Paris office in the early 1960s. He was involved in the sale of many large dredges of significance from an industry perspective. Read More

Frank Hazen Dies

FRANK ALBERT |!|BUD|!| HAZEN1918 to 2002Frank Hazen died on Monday November 25 2002 in Tacoma Washington. Born February 25 1918 in Omaha Nebraska Mr. Hazen was the third child of Marie and George Hazen. The Hazen family moved to Tacoma in 1930.After his release from the Navy following World War II he signed with a dredging company and started a life-long career in the dredging industry. Dredging for the United Nations in South Korea he became friends with Dr. Louise Yim Korean freedom fighter and President of Chung- Ang University in Seoul. In 1966 he received an honorary degree from the University for his services to the school. In 1980 he founded Hazen Tide Gauge International in Tacoma. Read More

Dottie Murden Dies

Dorothy Gibson Murden PhD 76 died Monday July 1 at Washington Hospital Center Washington D.C. after a car accident the previous Friday. She had attended a farewell luncheon at the Washington Sailing Marina for Thomas M. Ballentine who was retiring as secretary of the U.S. Section of the International Navigation Association (PIANC) and her car was struck by another vehicle as she entered the northbound lane of the George Washington Memorial Parkway. She was trapped in her vehicle for a time before rescue workers were able to get her out. Not badly injured Dr. Murden was hospitalized for several days and was in good spirits late Monday night when a friend left her. She died of a heart attack several hours later. Read More

Vald Heiberg Remembers Dottie

E.R.(Vald)Heiberg III Lt.Gen.USA(Ret.)pays tribute to his good friend Dottie Murden recalling the years he and his wife Kitty travelled with Bill and Dottie Murden on behalf of PIANC (now the International Navigation Association.) Read More

Neil Levin Missing in WTC Attack

Neil D. Levin executive director of the Port of New York and New Jersey has been listed as unaccounted for in the destruction of the World Trade Center towers in New York on September 11. Mr. Levin is one of 74 persons from the Port Authority who are missing and presumed or confirmed dead. Thirty-seven of these were police officers and 37 were civilians. Read More

Arnoldo Gallont Dies

Arnoldo Gallont Soriano died unexpectedly on November 27 2000 at the age of 59. Long known as the hard working Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company representative for Mexico Mr. Gallont was previously director of Grupo Protexa's (Mexico) dredging division for more than 20 years. Read More

In Memoriam: Joseph Michael Lavelle

Joseph M. Lavelle 60 died on September 10 in Charleston South Carolina. He was the president and founder of Marcol Dredging Company which he began in 1974 with a Mud Cat dredge. Through the years he carved a niche for himself in the Southeast United States doing specialty dredging jobs with an eight-inch Mud Cat the 12-inch Longbay and the 10-inch Butch Cassidy. Read More