International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Environmental Activists Urged to Look at Facts

On March 30 Worth Hager president of the National Waterways Conference (NWC) defended the Corps of Engineers and denigrated the latest report issued by the National Wildlife Federation and Taxpayers for Common Sense. |!|I've seen the new 'Crossroads' report. It appears to be a rehash of previous claims and innuendoes and is a testament to the willingness of these groups to risk our country's economic base in order to reach the goal of transferring the wetlands decision-making process [Section 404] away from the Corps of Engineers. They mistakenly assume that the full value of a project is reflected in the benefit-cost analyses performed by the Corps of Engineers. A benefit-cost analysis only relays the national economic benefits of a project not the regional economic and social benefits such as reduced air pollution congestion mitigation safety security reduced transportation rates by other modes and recreational opportunities she said. If those extremist activists were really serious about being 'environmental' they would join their European Green Party counterparts in championing the development of waterways (which provide the most environmentally-friendly mode of transporting goods) she said. (See full report in IDR Online.) Read More

OMB Underfunds Civil Works; U.S. Waterways at Risk

|!|We are beginning to hear and feel the first effects of the Administration's recently released FY2005 budget request for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers|!| said Worth Hager president of the National Waterways Conference Inc. on February 10. |!|The slowdown in the Corps' civil works program has already begun and termination letters for some on-going projects have been sent. Communities and stakeholders all over thecountry are crying foul|!| she said. Hager was commenting on the shortfall in the budget for water resources projects which the Corps had scheduled for fiscal year 2005. Read More

Hager is New NWC Director

Worth Hager vice president-public affairs of the National Waterways Conference (NWC) will become the organizations executive director effective May 1. Her appointment was ratified on March 6 at a meeting of NWCs board of directors.She will succeed Harry N. Cook the Conferences long-time president who was named president emeritus. Read More

Brinson Is new NWC Chairman

J. Ron Brinson former port director and now special projects coordinator of the Port of New Orleans was elected chairman of the National Waterways Conference Inc. at the annual meeting in Louisville Kentucky in September.He succeeds Craig E. Philip of Nashville president and chief executive officer of Ingram Barge Co. who had served as chairman for the past two years. Read More