International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority to Begin Sediment Diversion Project to Restore Wetlands

The Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA) is working with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and other natural resource agencies, to design two coastal restoration projects. The Mid-Barataria and Mid-Breton sediment diversions will establish a controlled and permanent connection between the Mississippi River and the coastal wetlands on… Read More

Ross Delivers Survey Boat to Rock Island

March/April 2003In December 2002 Ross Laboratories Inc. delivered a 34-foot boat with a Ross Mini-Sweep System to the Rock Island District Corps of Engineers. It was the second boat Ross has delivered to the District in the past year. The boat will be used for hydrographic surveying on the Mississippi River. Read More

Titan Lifts 4000-ton Wreck

March/April 2003Titan Maritime has lifted the forward section of the Delta Conveyor a converted T-2 tanker that sank in the Mississippi River adjacent to Delta Bulk Terminal in Convent Louisiana. The Titan crew cut the ship into two pieces using chain cutters. The 300 x 90 barge Marmac-300 was partially submerged and the wreck was pulled onto the inclined barge using Titan Linear Chain Pullers. The lift was approximately 4000 tons believed to be the heaviest single salvage lift ever completed on the Mississippi River. Read More

Mississippi and Niger Rivers Compared

The Mississippi River and the Niger of West Africa will be compared during a conference open to the public in New Orleans on Thursday and Friday November 7 and 8. River development history water resources environment and culture will be discussed by speakers from the United States and Nigeria. Organizers of the Comparing Rivers conference are the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Tulane University. Read More

St. Paul District Gets New Survey Boat

Ross Laboratories delivered a multi-channel sweep boat to the St. Paul District Corps of Engineers on September 20th. Officially named Launch 21 the 24-foot boat was tested in the Mississippi River at LaCrosse and used to demonstrate a sub-bottom profiler before going into storage for the winter at the district service base at Fountain City Wisconsin. Kevin Ressie will operate and manage the new boat. Read More

Book Review: River Horse

This book by William Least Heat-Moon tells of the author's boat journey by river from the Atlantic to the Pacific Coast of the United States in a 22-foot dory. It evokes many dredging images because it is about the navigable rivers whose channels are maintained by dredging. It is an important book for anyone interested in rivers. This review gives a dredging overlay to some of Heat-Moon's experiences. Read More

St. Louis District Using Micro Model

The St. Louis District Corps of Engineers is using a laser scanner to measure riverbed elevations in its micro river modeling system. This system relies on accurate measurements of the river bed model to determine sediment deposition and scour under simulated flow conditions. Capturing elevations with a mechanical digitizer requires an engineer to actually touch hundreds of points on the bed to capture their coordinates which takes about 30 minutes and is subject to error because of the variability induced by a human operator positioning the probe. Also the bed is not a hard surface so the operator must take care not to disturb it. A laser scanner captures elevations in 10 minutes using a laser light that moves over the surface. With this method nothing physically touches the model. The difference in cost between the two methods has been estimated at $10000 per study. The micro river model was developed and is operated by the Applied River Engineering Center at St. Louis Missouri. This is an extremely small scale physical sediment transport model. Read More

Bisso Readies the Celia M

Bisso Marine Company uses heavy floatin cranes to salvage sunken vessels in the Gulf Coast and Mississippi River area. In November 1997 the company salvaged a number of vessels. Read More

Krumholz Develops River Plan

Dan Krumholz waterways chief of the St. Paul District Corps of Engineers oversaw assembly of the Upper Mississippi River Channel Maintenance Management Plan which was available in April 1996. It describes in detail the 245 miles of the Upper Mississippi including 10 locks and dams and several navigable tributaries. Read More