International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Improving Marine Construction Productivity with 3D Visualization Systems

As the global economy continues to improve and populations advance in the coastal areas around the world, the demand for commercial dredging services and effective marine construction capabilities are increasing at a steady pace. To help improve accuracy and efficiency, marine contractors are using marine construction visualization systems, which can… Read More

JT Cleary and Tully Group, Two New York Companies, Join Forces for Dredging and Marine Construction

In July 2018, JT Cleary officially became part of the Tully Group, a construction company located in New York City. The Tully Group is one of the largest privately held construction firms in the United States. “The group [comprises] several companies: Tully Construction Company Inc., Tully Environmental Inc.,… Read More

Ballast Nedam Van Oord Consider Merger

Ballast Nedam NV Zeist the Netherlands is considering a merger with Van Oord BV or Gorinchem the Netherlands. Ballast Nedam CEO Rene Kottman said that the companies activities complement each other well and that the merger would benefit both. Read More