International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Moritz Delivered to New York District

At the end of August the new 58-foot survey boat Moritz was bound for its final destination in New York via the Panama Canal. It was unloaded in Fort Lauderdale Florida then piloted to New York by a crew from Kvichak Marine Industries. Read More

Precise Positioning Aids White Lake

Cable Arm's ClamVision clamshell bucket positioning system allowed Faust Corporation to dredge highly contaminated material in precise amounts from White Lake Michigan. Dredging began the first part of July and was complete at the end of August. Read More

Ross Delivers Survey Boat to Rock Island

March/April 2003In December 2002 Ross Laboratories Inc. delivered a 34-foot boat with a Ross Mini-Sweep System to the Rock Island District Corps of Engineers. It was the second boat Ross has delivered to the District in the past year. The boat will be used for hydrographic surveying on the Mississippi River. Read More

HYPACK 2003 Planned for Phoenix

Coastal Oceanographics will hold their HYPACK 2003 Users Conference in Phoenix Arizona at the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort and Spa January 7 through 9 2003. The Second Annual Humper Classic Golf tournament will be held on Monday January 6 at the on-site golf course. Read More

Chinese Language HYPACK Introduced

Coastal Oceanographics and their agent China ORES announce the release of a Chinese language version of the HYPACK MAX hydrographic survey software packages. The HYPACK MAX package allows users to change the language on the fly without having to re-install the software. Coastal O also announces a large contract to provide software to China. Read More


Coastal Oceanographics will introduce an acoustic doppler current profiler (ADCP) module for their HYPACK software at Oceanology International Americas. The module will run with the RD Instruments Workhorse ADCP to provide real time current information. The user will then be able to combine the ADCP measurement information with cross sectional depth profiles to calculate flow rates and to output color coded section diagrams. Read More

Corps Buys Hypack Max Licenses

In September 2000 Coastal Oceanographics Inc. was awarded a contract for 10 HYPACK MAX licenses for the New Orleans District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Read More