International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Vaughn Joins NovAtel

Dave Vaughn will join NovAtel Inc. (NASDAQ: NGPS) as president and chief executive officer on February 26 2001.We are delighted to have someone with Daves skills and extensive experience in the GPS industry join NovAtel said Jim Close company chairman. Read More

Virtual Reference Station Announced

On September 20 2000 Trimble announced the Virtual Reference Station (VRS) which allows users to achieve long-range real-time kinematic (RTK) precision via wireless communications in the field. The VRS enables centimeter-level positioning without the need to set up a local reference station. Read More

Luedtke Doing Saginaw River Cleanup

Luedtke Engineering Company is using a state-of-the-art bucket positioning system in a project to remove PCB-contaminated sedimentation from the Saginaw River and Saginaw Bay Michigan. Read More

Dredging Live Ammo in Finland

When the hopper dredge Nautilus encountered live ammunition in Finland's port of Kokkola in 1997 it sparked an investigation that discovered 12000 tons of ammunition in the area. The dredging operation had to be redesigned to operate a dredge by remote control and to operate the hopper barge by remote control also. It took a cooperation between the Finnish Defense Department and contractor Terramare Oy a Boskalis company. Read More

Great Lakes Finishes Mystic River Job

Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company complete the first part of a $31.9 million contract for the Boston Harbor Deepening project in which the channles are being deepened to 40 feet from the existing 35 feet. This article describes the project in detail including which dredges are in use cost mitigation and placement of clean and contaminated materials. Read More

Peterhead Uses Del Norte GPS

The Peterhead Bay Authority in northeast Scotland purchased a Del Norte 5012 mobile GPS receiver and 625 Helmsmn Controller in September 1997. This short article describes the system. Read More

Wayne Ross Dies

Wayne Melborne Ross died on December 24 1997 in Seattle Washington. He was a pioneer in the field of the transmission of sound in the water and was the first to develop a number of techniques and procedures that later became industry standard such as digitizing sounding records and using the global positioning system for hydrographic surveying. Read More