International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Moritz Delivered to New York District

At the end of August the new 58-foot survey boat Moritz was bound for its final destination in New York via the Panama Canal. It was unloaded in Fort Lauderdale Florida then piloted to New York by a crew from Kvichak Marine Industries. Read More

DMI Kruse Controls Deliver Dredge

Kruse Controls Inc. automated a DredgeMasters International Inc. cutterhead dredge for aggregate producer Phoenix Pinelands Corp. of Barnegat New Jersey. The customer wanted a dredge that would produce efficiently logically and automatically with little operator intervention.Kruse Controls is a system integrator in Baltimore Maryland operating since 1991. They have been producing dredge automation systems since 1996. Read More

Ross Delivers Survey Boat to Rock Island

March/April 2003In December 2002 Ross Laboratories Inc. delivered a 34-foot boat with a Ross Mini-Sweep System to the Rock Island District Corps of Engineers. It was the second boat Ross has delivered to the District in the past year. The boat will be used for hydrographic surveying on the Mississippi River. Read More

CLE Environmental Helps Contractors

Projects to protect and restore bodies of water and to remove and handle contaminated bottom sediments had become a significant part of CLE Engineerings business so five years ago Susan Nilson started CLE Environmental Inc. an auxiliary company to do the surveying testing monitoring and related permitting involved with these projects. Read More