International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Bean Responds to Jones Act Allegations

Jim Bean president of C.F. Bean LLC of New Orleans gives a detailed explanation of the activities of Bean Stuyvesant a joint venture of Bean and Royal Boskalis Westminster of the Netherlands. The company's activities are within the scope of the Jones Act he says. Read More

Contractors Protest Safety Manual Change

The Corps of Engineers Safety Office presented proposed revisions to their official safety manual to industry in late 2002 giving contractors just four days to respond to the changes in the comprehensive document. The Dredging Contractors of America (DCA) and the Associated General Contractors (AGC) informed LTG Robert H. Flowers chief of engineers that this was not sufficient time to review the changes and were granted a 30-day delay. Read More

Maj. Gen. Griffin Approves DSMP

38On November 18 Maj. Gen Robert H. Griffin Corps of Engineers director of civil works signed a letter of implementation telling the Corps Districts that a certificate from the Dredging Contractors of America Dredging Safety Management Program (DSMP) must be accepted as the operating safety program on a government contract. Dredges without a DSMP certificate must submit an accident prevention plan and comply with the Corps of Engineers Safety Manual (Publication 385-11). In the letter Maj. Gen. Robert H. Griffin directs Corps commanders to John Torgersen manager of the DSMP with any questions. Torgersen received 36 calls from Corps districts soon after the letter was issued some from people who had no information on the DSMP. He plans to hold a series of meetings around the country to acquaint the Districts with the program. Read More

DSIWG Finalizing Safety Program

The new Dredging Safety Management Program (DSMP) will likely be in use by at least one dredging contractor by June 2001 if it is accepted by DCA members and the Corps of Engineers in January. The program is the dredging industrys response to inadequate safety standards which has kept dredging years behind the rest of the maritime industry in the area of safety. Participating companies will be required to submit and maintain a safety program tailored to each dredge and project hire a certified auditor to analyze their program every year and provide training for every person who works on a dredging project whether on or off the dredge itself. Read More

Ben Cottrell Is New DCA President

Ben Cottrell V President Cottrell Contracting Chesapeake Virginia was elected president of the Dredging Contractors of America (DCA) on May 5 2000 at their annual meeting in Longboat Key Florida. Over the last two years Cottrell served as president-elect and senior vice president of the association. I look forward to working with my colleagues over the next two years to meet the many challenges facing the dredging industry. With so many environmental and budgetary factors affecting the flow of the work DCA must improve our good working partnership with the Corps of Engineers districts. We must do a better job scheduling a proven way to help both the government and the private sector said. Cottrell. Read More

1999 2000 National Dredging Meetings

The Corps of Engineers National Dredging Meeting is planned for mid-May 2000 in Springfield Virginia. This annual meeting provides a forum for dredging contractors to speak directly to Corps officials. This article reports on the 1999 meeting which covered such topics as safety the New York Harbor deepening program environmental research and hydrographic surveying. Read More

Pacific Chapter Meets in Napa

The WEDA Pacific Chapter met November 5 through 7 1997 in Napa California. the topic was |!|Dredging Dollars and Sense|!| and talks focused on saving money in carrying out dredging projects. Read More