International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Moritz Delivered to New York District

At the end of August the new 58-foot survey boat Moritz was bound for its final destination in New York via the Panama Canal. It was unloaded in Fort Lauderdale Florida then piloted to New York by a crew from Kvichak Marine Industries. Read More

Ross Delivers Survey Boat to Rock Island

March/April 2003In December 2002 Ross Laboratories Inc. delivered a 34-foot boat with a Ross Mini-Sweep System to the Rock Island District Corps of Engineers. It was the second boat Ross has delivered to the District in the past year. The boat will be used for hydrographic surveying on the Mississippi River. Read More

Dredging Regs Tough to Deal With

Dredging Regs Tough to Deal With Survey FindsA recent survey of marina operators found that environmental regulations that involve dredging and disposal of dredged material are the most difficult for marinas to deal with. The survey was conducted by Applied Technology & Management Inc. an environmental coastal and water resources engineering firm in Mount Pleasant South Carolina. Read More

Contractors Protest Safety Manual Change

The Corps of Engineers Safety Office presented proposed revisions to their official safety manual to industry in late 2002 giving contractors just four days to respond to the changes in the comprehensive document. The Dredging Contractors of America (DCA) and the Associated General Contractors (AGC) informed LTG Robert H. Flowers chief of engineers that this was not sufficient time to review the changes and were granted a 30-day delay. Read More

Maj. Gen. Griffin Approves DSMP

38On November 18 Maj. Gen Robert H. Griffin Corps of Engineers director of civil works signed a letter of implementation telling the Corps Districts that a certificate from the Dredging Contractors of America Dredging Safety Management Program (DSMP) must be accepted as the operating safety program on a government contract. Dredges without a DSMP certificate must submit an accident prevention plan and comply with the Corps of Engineers Safety Manual (Publication 385-11). In the letter Maj. Gen. Robert H. Griffin directs Corps commanders to John Torgersen manager of the DSMP with any questions. Torgersen received 36 calls from Corps districts soon after the letter was issued some from people who had no information on the DSMP. He plans to hold a series of meetings around the country to acquaint the Districts with the program. Read More

Sediment Management On Upper Mississippi

By Jon S. HendricksonSt. Paul District Corps of EngineersOriginally presented at the Western Dredging Association Midwest Chapter Meeting October 1 & 2 St. Paul MinnesotaSediment management on the Upper Mississippi River involves providing a safe and reliable inland navigation channel improving habitat quality and diversity and maintaining the aesthetic integrity of the river for recreational users and riparian land owners. These challenges must be met while balancing the multiple competing uses of the river. Read More

Corps Restoring Lost Wildlife Habitat

The Upper Mississippi River System consists of 1300 miles of waterways from Cairo Illinois to Minneapolis Minnesota. Legislation in 1986 established the Environmental Management Program (EMP) for the purposes of restoring protecting and monitoring the natural resources of the system. The EMP is a partnership effort involving federal and state agencies and the public put into effect by the Corps of Engineers. It has become the most significant effort to restore and protect the natural resource values of the Upper Mississippi River. Read More

Mississippi and Niger Rivers Compared

The Mississippi River and the Niger of West Africa will be compared during a conference open to the public in New Orleans on Thursday and Friday November 7 and 8. River development history water resources environment and culture will be discussed by speakers from the United States and Nigeria. Organizers of the Comparing Rivers conference are the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Tulane University. Read More

Vald Heiberg Remembers Dottie

E.R.(Vald)Heiberg III Lt.Gen.USA(Ret.)pays tribute to his good friend Dottie Murden recalling the years he and his wife Kitty travelled with Bill and Dottie Murden on behalf of PIANC (now the International Navigation Association.) Read More

St. Paul District Gets New Survey Boat

Ross Laboratories delivered a multi-channel sweep boat to the St. Paul District Corps of Engineers on September 20th. Officially named Launch 21 the 24-foot boat was tested in the Mississippi River at LaCrosse and used to demonstrate a sub-bottom profiler before going into storage for the winter at the district service base at Fountain City Wisconsin. Kevin Ressie will operate and manage the new boat. Read More