International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Dredging Live Ammo in Finland

When the hopper dredge Nautilus encountered live ammunition in Finland's port of Kokkola in 1997 it sparked an investigation that discovered 12000 tons of ammunition in the area. The dredging operation had to be redesigned to operate a dredge by remote control and to operate the hopper barge by remote control also. It took a cooperation between the Finnish Defense Department and contractor Terramare Oy a Boskalis company. Read More

Anderson Company Announced

Ian Anderson member of a multi-generational dredging family has formed Anderson Dredging & Consulting Ltd to to serve the marine infrastructure developers port authorities and oil gas and mineral exploration companies. Read More

Westminster Wins Harwich Deepening

Westminster Dredging Company a Boskalis Company received the contract for deepening the Harwich deep-water channel on England's East Coast. The article describes the project and the dredges to be used. Read More