International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Patent Pending DynaCover

DynaCover constructed from Dyneema fibers is the latest technology available for outer dredge pump casing. Introduced by Damen the DynaCover can be mounted around existing cast pump casing weighs significantly less than steel casing and provides a strength comparable to 40 mm of steel.  Using Ultra High Molecular Weight… Read More

JR Bagger Acquires Rights to Beyer Dredges

Jochen Rohr CEO of Aggregate Dredge Solutions has formed a new company called JR Bagger & Technik GmbH in Speyer Germany. This venture creates an all-new operation in Germany to complement Aggregate Dredge Solutions in the U.S. and includes exclusive worldwide rights to manufacture all dredges designed by Beyer GmbH. … Read More

Jan De Nul Group Orders Two New Dual-Fuel Dredges

Jan De Nul Group has ordered a 6,000-cubic-meter (7,847-cubic-yard) and an 18,000-cubic-meter (23,543-cubic-yard) trailing suction hopper dredge. Cosco (Dalian) Shipyard Co. Ltd. will build the larger vessel in its shipyard in Dalian in China, and Keppel Singmarine Pte. Ltd. will build the smaller trailing suction hopper dredges in Singapore. Both… Read More

Coda Octopus’s 3D HUD System Wins Award

Coda Octopus has won an award for its development of a prototype real-time 3D Head Up Display solution for divers. The award was given by the Applied Research Laboratory (ARL) at Penn State University which is a tenured U.S. Department of Defense-designated University Affiliated Research Center, as part of a… Read More

Coda Octopus Introduces 3D Connect

Coda Octopus has released the 3D Connect to give a single connection point for all its sonars, single and dual-axis rotators, above water camera and F180 series GPS and Motion sensors. 3D Connect replaces the existing DIU-212 for CodaOctopus® Underwater Inspection System (UIS) users and connects directly with any existing… Read More