International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Dredge Yard has received an order for a customized cutter suction dredge from Western Potash Corp. (WPC) – a development stage potash company based in Canada. The customized dredge will be used in WPC’s Milestone Potash Project for dredging potash.

This ECO dredge features four electric motors that each drive a different component. The electric motor drives are used instead of a diesel engine. As a result, air pollution and the risk of fuel spillage during operation is eliminated and noise is greatly reduced.

As this dredge is intended solely for dredging potash, it was completely redesigned for optimal performance for this project.

The dredge is being built in Dredge Yard’s facility in Rotterdam, Netherlands. It will be tested with estimated delivery in early 2020.

The dredge will be used in WPC Milestone Potash Project Phase 1 Plant. More specifically, it will be placed in the Crystallization Pond and dredge potash from the pond. The dredged potash will then be sent for further processing, drying and compaction.

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