International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Corporation announced the receipt of a several dredging awards totaling $164 million.

The awarded work includes:

  • the Long Beach project in New York (Coastal Protection, $54.4 million);
  • the Myrtle Beach project in South Carolina (Coastal Protection,  $34.8 million);
  • the Nags Head Beach project in North Carolina (Coastal Protection,  $34.7 million);
  • the Chesapeake Beach project in Maryland (Coastal Protection,  $4.8 million);
  • the Corpus Christi La Quinta Channel Widening project in Texas (Capital, $21.0 million) and
  • the Delaware River Deepening Variation Order in Delaware (Capital, $14.3 million).

The four coastal protection projects include beach nourishment with sand excavated from off-shore borrow areas. The dunes and shoreline that were eroded by winter storms will be rebuilt. The projects are expected to begin this summer and run through May 2019.

The two shipping access channel widening and deepening projects are part of the ongoing effort to make U.S. ports capable of receiving the larger vessels now coming through the expanded Panama Canal.

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