International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

The Central Dredging Association (CEDA) Environment Commission has set up a Working Group to prepare a CEDA information paper on Energy Efficiency in relation to sustainability. The paper will explore the role energy plays throughout the lifecycle of dredging projects with early decisions in a project impacting later energy consumption.

The CEDA Working Group Energy Efficiency paper will offer structured insight into energy efficiency by providing an overview of the perspectives from various stakeholders regarding key aspects of all project phases.

Each dredging project has its unique set of amongst others soil & rock conditions, volumes, transport distances and water depths. Moreover, projects are often located close to – or in the confined space of busy port areas. Giving all these factors’ impact on energy consumption and given recent and upcoming developments in legislation, it is a challenge to define and evaluate the energy efficiency of a project,” said Paul Vercruijsse, DEME, Belgium, who is chairing the working group.

The working group has nine members, with various backgrounds. At their first meeting, in March 2018, at CEDA headquarters in Delft, the Netherlands, members finalized the terms of reference and kicked off the work to be done on the paper. The group met again in Delft to review the first version of the paper. The final paper is tentatively scheduled to be published in mid-2019.