International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

During the General Meeting of Shareholders of Van Oord N.V., held on April 19, the 2017 Annual Report was presented and a decision was made to change the composition of the supervisory board.

The annual report cited that in 2017, Van Oord recorded EUR 1.53 billion in revenue with a net profit of EUR 78 million. The annual financial statements were adopted, and the General Meeting of Shareholders adopted a resolution to distribute a dividend of EUR 34 million.

Members of the Supervisory Board now include: N.W. (Niek) Hoek, Chair, and members K. (Kommer) Damen, Jac.G. (Koos) van Oord, J.M.J.A.P. (Jean-Marie) Laurent Josi, J.M.M. (Hans) van der Ven and R. (Rob) Kretzers. Chairperson Hoek, replaces C.J. van den Driest who had been chair for the past ten years. Hoek has worked in the oil and gas industry and in financial services.

The 2017 Annual Report is available on the company website and in the Van Oord app.

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