International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

In October Damen Shipyards Group delivered a Multi Cat 1908 to Murjan Al-Sharq Marine Services based in Saudi Arabia. The company provides marine construction and maintenance dredging diving and subsea services. The company’s new vessel called Murjan 40 has been equipped with a Damen DOP 250. This submersible dredge pump has a 1250 m3/h capacity and can be deployed for sand mining and maintenance dredging activities.
The Murjan 40 has also been installed with a spud system that can be deployed in water depths of up to 10 meters (33 feet) instead of a 4-point mooring system. For operations in deeper waters the spud system can be extended. To dredge operations will lower the DOP pump into the water with the Multi Cat’s crane or A-frame. The crane will also be used to handle the spuds.
Chairman of Murjan Al-Sharq Marine Services Abdullah Natheer said “Shallow water dredging usually requires a lot of very sophisticated expensive equipment. A solution such as this represents a cost-effective alternative.”


Abdullah A. Natheer chairman of Murjan Al-Sharq
Marine Services and Chris Clark vice president Murjan
Al-Sharq Marine Services

“We can take on a wide range of specialist jobs with this vessel. We call this ‘surgical dredging’ because of the precision required” said Murjan Al-Sharq Marine Services Vice President Chris Clark.