International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Maintenance Dredging Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway Inlet Crossings with Beach Dis­posal North Carolina. To Southwind Con­struction Corp. for $4544148.73 line items 1 through 22 on September 11 2012 by the Wilmington Engineer District. W912PM- 12-C-0013/ W912PM-12-B-0009 

Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity Contract for Naval Architecture Marine Engineering and Dredging Engineering Ser­vices. To Technology Associates Inc for $5000000 on December 13 2016 by Philadel­phia Engineer District. W912BU-16-R-0004/ W912BU-17-D-0001. 

Indefinite Delivery Contract for Marine En­gineering Services. To Moffat & Nichol Inc. for $9500000 on March 2 2017 by Philadel­phia Engineer District. W912BU-16-R-0017/ W912BU-17-D-0004. 

Mooring Line Rope. To Ocean Products Research Inc. for $18812 on March 28 2017 by Philadelphia Engineer District. W912BU-17-T-0004/W912BU-17-P-0035. 

Maintenance Dredging of two portions of the Federal Navigation Project (FNP) in the lower Kennebec River Maine. To Man­son Construction Co for $822909 on March 29 2017 by New England Engineer District. W912WJ-17-B-0005/W912WJ-17-C-0008. 

2017 Broad Agency Announcement. To Atmospheric and Environmental Research Inc. for $1680779 on April 6 2017 by ITL GSL EL CHL Vicksburg Engineer Districts. W912HZ-17-BAA-01/W913E5-17-C-0004. 

Houston Ship Channel TX Lost Lake Place­ment Area Dewatering in Harris County TX. To RLB Contracting Inc. for 1289600 on April 12 2017 by Fort Worth Engineer District. w9126g-17-b-0006/W9126G-17-C-0028

Diesel Fuel – Mid-stream Barge Refuel­ing – Buffalo Iowa. To Ingram Barge Com­pany LLC for $120600 ($2.01/gal) on April 14 2017 by St. Paul Engineer District. W912ES-17-T-0073/W912ES-17-P-0060. 

West Coast Hopper Dredging 2017. To Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company LLC for $16727500 on April 18 2017 by Portland Engineer District. W9127N-17-B-0005/ 

Push Pull Rods For Dredge Wheeler. To Push/ Pull Rods (Wheeler) for $255534 line items 1 through 3 on April 19 2017 by New Or­leans Engineer District. W912P8-17-R-0024/ W912P8-17-C-0022. 

General Environmental Services for Dredged Material Evaluation. To Anamar Environ­mental Consulting for $7000000 on April 21 2017 by Fort Worth Engineer District. W9126G-17-R-0031/W9126G-17-D-0034. 

Dredge Essayons – Fixed Marine Stores Cranes. To Allied Systems Company for $303350 on April 25 2017 by Philadelphia Engineer District. W912BU-17-T-0011/ W912BU-17-P-0046. 

MsCIP Barrier Island Restoration Cat Island Beach and Dune Fill. To Manson Construc­tion Co. for $14293598 on April 28 2017 by Mobile Engineer District. W91278-17-B-0001/ W91278-17-C-0018. 

Pinole Shoal Fish Entrainment Monitoring. To Hydroplan LLC for $260178.06 on April 28 2017 by San Franciso Engineer District. W912P7-17-S-0004/W912P7-17-C-0004. 

Houston Ship Channel Texas Peggy Lake Placement Area Dewatering in Harris Coun­ty Texas. To Environmental Industrial Servic­es for $855080 on May 1 2017 by Fort Worth Engineer District. W9126G-17-B-0007/ W9126G-17-C-0034. 

Subsistence – Dredge Goetz. To Riv­erview Boat Store Inc. for $75000 on May 3 2017 by St. Paul Engineer District. W912ES-17-T-0051/W912ES-17-P-0071 

Mississippi River Baton Rouge to Gulf of Mexico Southwest Pass Hopper Dredge Rental Contract No. 1-2017 Plaquemines Parish Louisiana (OM-17-001). To Man­son Construction Co. for $3898620 on May 9 2017 by New Orleans Engineer District. W912P8-16-B-0051/W912P8-17-C-0025.