International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review


In response to Edition 6.0 of International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) Publication S-58 for Electronic Navigation Charts (ENC) validation checks Teledyne CARIS™ released CARIS S-57 Composer™ 3.1.

To comply with the new ENC validation checks the Composer 3.1 internal and cus­tomized quality control tests have been reorga­nized and rewritten to quickly determine if an ENC passes the mandatory Error and Warning checks. A new set of reporting tools allows users to evaluate view and resolve any issues in ENC production software.

Composer 3.1 has been created with added functions to support the emerging S-100 stan­dard building on the S-57 Composer’s support for product creation management and viewing of S-101 data and other S-100 products.

Updating to Composer 3.1 will require current users to update their license string by contacting the Caris Customer Services webite. Sending an email to will also allow users to ensure their ENC’s are in compliance with the latest validation standards.