International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review


DipMate Pro(l) and DipMate Essential(r)​

The fourth-generation DipMate® backhoe dredging monitoring and control system was introduced by Seatools of the Netherlands.

The new version has two models the Es­sential and the Pro with both providing 3D visualization and recording of the dredging process in real time. The Essential is the basic model with a simplified architecture and trims allowing it to retain high levels of accuracy while reducing the overall cost compared to the Pro. In addition the smaller size means the system can be mounted on smaller and land-based excavators.

The advanced system the Pro provides the same visualization and registration as the Pro but is automated developed with customized operator assistance modules that enhance safe­ty and productivity. One example is the colli­sion protection module which slows down and eventually stops a dredger that is approach­ing an underwater or above water object too closely. This will prevent strikes with objects such as pipelines or wharves. In addition the system can provide greater efficiency through installation of functions such as bucket angle and boom control.