International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Jaden 60HD

Tennessee-based Dredge Central LLC in­troduced the Australian built Jaden Cutter Wheel to the North American market as dis­played for the first time in the states during the IMX show in St. Louis.

Dredge Central will assist dredge owners in the proper selection and installation of Jaden Cutter Wheels which are available in sizes from 6 inches to 18 inches. They provide a re­placement option for traditional basket cutter systems bucket wheels chain ladder dredges and as an upgrade option for suction-only units. The Jaden Cutter Wheel has been used successfully in the severe duty sand and min­eral extraction industries around the world. When replacing a traditional basket cutter the Jaden Cutter Wheel allows the operator to gain much more material on the clean-up pass while minimizing the entry of over-sized materi­al and debris and it is an excellent replacement option for chain ladder dredges by kicking out over-sized material and minimizing debris in the pipeline and pump. Replaceable ESCO teeth are installed on the unit shown with many op­tions available to suit the customer’s specs. The S60HD version for 10-inch to 12-inch suction pipes is available at Dredge Central’s headquar­ters in Goodlettsville Tennessee. The S30HD ships from Australia and specific model can be built and shipped within weeks.

Jaden Dredge Cutters built by Neumann Equipment have serviced dredges around the world for more than 30 years and Dredge Central a company specializing in providing remanufactured dredges to the dredging in­dustry through sales rental and lease to own options has been qualified as the exclusive North American distributor for Jaden.

In addition Dredge Central offers the services of used remanufactured and new re­placement dredge parts such as dredge pumps booster pumps complete cutter heads and re­placement edges cutter drive gear boxes and motors hulls and pontoons engines hydraulic systems gear boxes and clutches spuds pipe pipe weights and floats blasting/repair/paint­ing of dredges work boats winches etc. The company also offers brokerage services to help our customers search for and sell surplus equip­ment through our online market site (www.