International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Teledyne CARIS™ has released new versions of Bathy DataBASE™ (BDB) HIPS and SIPS™.

BDB 4.3 includes import and export for Lidar format LAS 1.4 and supports the creation and management of Variable Resolution Surfaces. It also includes a new Process Designer that allows for workflows to be scripted and automated and comes with an upgraded 3D window that features digitized and draping capabilities.

HIPS and SIPS 10.0 now supports multiple sonar detections from Kongsberg and Teledyne sensors allowing for better water column imagery. In addition more backscatter upgrades were added resulting in sharper images of seafloors.

Teledyne CARIS also has included the option the Engineering and Analysis Module™ (EAM) as an add-on to the HIPS™ package which would allow the user to perform specialized computations related to port operations.