International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Coda Octopus has introduced the XD Wide Angle Echoscope® to its real-time 3D sonar systems.

The Echoscope® generates a complete 3D model composed of more than 16000 soundings from each acoustic transmission.

The real-time 3D imaging allows it to be used in near zero visibility conditions and the XD Dual Frequency model enables large area imaging and mapping. The new sonar in the Echoscope has multiple projectors providing an increased opening to allow for a larger field-of-view.

The Echoscope was used by Dutch contractor Van Oord for construction of a breakwater in Kuwait where the scope enabled accurate placement of armour units below the waterline. Van Oord achieved record production rates of up to 200 units per day through using a hydraulic excavator with the Echoscope.

An additional option for the Echoscope is the newly released 7th generation Underwater Survey Explorer software that allows 3D beam editing and image processing to remove unwanted features on 3D outputs. Multiple 3D mosaic clips can also be created from the raw data.

Available with the Underwater Survey Explorer is the CodaOctopus® Volumetric Rendering Engine that allows data from the Echoscope to be rendered as a textured volumetric model with a higher resolution and more efficient memory storage.