International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

The Council for Dredging and Marine Construction Safety (CDMCS) announced that Devon Carlock has been elected co-chairman of the organization. As an active member Car-lock worked with council members and Corps leadership in efforts to address industry safety concerns including new regulations. In his position as co-chair he will address initiatives including a hand safety campaign arc flash safety awareness interactive video webinars redesigned website and increased partnering sessions with industry safety leaders and Corps leadership. He joins Albert Wong Corps senior program manager for Construction & Operations Safety at the helm of CDMCS.

Carlock maintains that “within maritime construction the reaction of the new deckhand to the old school ways is truly amazing. With leadership comes the need to show respect showing the crews that YOU CARE is paramount. Engaging the crew speaking to them as people not as an expendable tool this is the true answer for safety success. Together we will continue the fight forward brainstorming for new ideas and best practices. We will continue to combine the ideas of government and industry so that everyone can make it home safely.” 

Carlock has spent 26 years in the maritime industry participating and partnering at industry events nationwide. As a dredging professional Carlock brought hands-on experience to the CDMCS having traveled globally procuring equipment and observing dredging operations. In 2016 he was the first small business speaker to discuss dredging safety at a National Dredging Meeting in Washington D.C.  

Carlock has worked as a project manager estimator superintendent and is an active member of the Western Dredging Association as well as the Dredging Contractors of America. He now is the director of corporate safety for Cottrell Contracting Corporation in Chesapeake Virginia. Carlock holds certifications from the USACE OSHA MISHA and Maritime Institute of Technology & Maritime Studies. 

The Council for Dredging and Marine Construction Safety represents a joint effort of the dredging and marine construction industry to collectively improve Industry safety standards. CDMCS is a leader in safety with a diverse membership supporting the nation’s economy and well-being of workers nationwide.