International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

In November 2016 Aquamec launched a new Watermaster Classic V dredge with 50 percent more suction dredge capacity com-pared to the Classic IV model.

The new amphibious dredge reaches 900 cubic meters/hour pumping output with a larger cutter pump and more powerful engine.

“It would be easy to increase dredging capacity by growing the size and weight of the dredger but at the same time you would lose the excellent mobility which is the key feature of an amphibious dredger. The challenge has been to increase dredging capacity while keeping the dredger compact mobile and robust at the same time. Watermaster is a unique combination of these features” said Lauri Kalliola managing director of Aquamec. The size of the Watermaster has stayed basically the same (20 tons) since the first generation model Classic I but the capacity has nearly tripled since then.

A big part of the work Watermaster does globally is located in urbal areas and done for environmental reasons such as flood prevention and removing contaminated sediment. Several features on the dredge help work in these areas. Watermaster’s patented cutting knife system for debris can pump soils containing a significant amount of plastics and other urban trash and thus dredge in areas where only excavation work was previously possible. The new model also includes a new hard soil cutter crown and a bigger more powerful hydraulic motor.