International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

In May Port of Palm Beach Board of Commissioners voted to exclude funding for a proposed Corps Lake Worth Inlet navigation project as part of the port’s master plan update.

The Corps submitted its plan including an economic and environmental review to the port for review in 2005. Since then the port said global regional and state markets port tenant composition and the environmental and recreational dynamics surrounding the port have changed. 

Port Chairman Wayne Richards said “With our neighboring municipalities and civic organizations working together to ensure the port maintains 33 feet of depth within the inlet I believe we can continue a viable operation for years to come and have no need to include funding for an inlet expansion project within our master plan at this time.”

The Corps recently completed a maintenance dredge of the Lake Worth Inlet an annual event that resulted in the placement of 200000 cubic yards of sand onto the shores of the Town of Palm Beach.