International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

In late March KSO Ciputra Yasmin awarded Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. (Boskalis) a contract to construct the land for the Reclamation Works Project Centre Point of Indonesia Project consisting of five islands located off the coast of Makassar South Sulawesi. PT Boskalis International Indonesia Boskalis’ fully owned Indonesian operating company emerged as the winner after competing in a tender process with several other contractors. The contract value is approximately €80 mil-lion ($104 million). 

The reclamation works contract was signed by Ciputra Group Managing Di-rector of Aaron Hajadi with Director of PT Bumi Asri Yasmin M. Aditya Kouwagam representing KSO Ciputra Yasmin while PT Boskalis International Indonesia was represented by Theodorus Baarmans member of the Board of Management – Boskalis International.


The artist’s impression shows the final completed reclamation project Centre Point of Indonesia in Makassar South Sulawesi.

Work will be executed by PT Boskalis International Indonesia within 24 months of the signing of the contact. The project is expected to be complete in March 2018. The construction of five artificial islands off the coast of Makassar will result in approximately 75 hectares of reclaimed land using nine million cubic meters of sand (6.88  million cubic yards)  sourced from offshore bor- row areas. The islands will be protected by rock  revetments. Boskalis is deploying a mega training suction hopper dredge for the reclamation activities.

The construction of five islands marks the first phase of a prestigious development by KSO Ciputra to provide high quality waterfront land for both residential and commercial use and is driven by the need for land to accommodate population growth in a densely populated re-gion. PT. Witteveen Bos Indonesia a subsidiary of Witteveen + Bos a widely recognized consultancy in the field of reclamation will be the supervisory consultant for the reclamation work.  

According to Hajadi KSO Ciputra Yasmin will show its commitment to the government and people of South Sulawesi by building and delivering some of the reclaimed land to the Provincial Government of South Sulawesi. The size of the total Makassar project will be 157.23 hectare (389 acres) of which South Sulawesi provincial land will be 50.47 hectares (125 acres) and the CitraLand City Losari will be 106.76 hectares (264 acres). In addition other public amenities will be created including an artificial white sand beach equipped with various facilities such as parking lots restrooms food  facilities and an attractive landscaping. Much of this work including infrastructure facilities such as roads bridges channels and landscaping will be done by local contractors.