International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

AQUATEC introduced the new AQUAscat 1000LT acoustic profiler to measure suspended sediment concentration.

The AQUAscat 1000LT observes profiles of suspended sediment concentration of up to 2.5m using multi-frequency acoustics. Profiling allows sediment dynamics such as resuspension and entrainment to be explored which is not possible with single point measurements. 

The company said the instrument is supplied with the latest post-processing software that al-lows the mean particle size and concentration to be calculated from the acoustic backscatter output. 

Suitable for use to 200 meters (456 feet) the new AQUAscat can be deployed in rivers lakes estuaries and coastal regions. The com-pany said it is ideal for academic research and commercial use including suspended sediment research dredge monitoring and water quality monitoring.