International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Matag a Nigerian dredging company acquired a dredge from Dragflow to increase its capacity to dredge sand to supply local markets in Onitsha Anambra State Nigeria as well as Asaba Delta State which is a sister city on the other side of historic river Niger. The company was also looking to expand its ability to do reclamation work along the river.

With its previously owned cutter suction dredge that had a digging limit of approximately 10 to 12 meters the company was limited to seasonal dredging due to the limits of the dredging depth.

The river Niger is known to rise as much as eight meters more during the wet season especially when dams were opened up in Garouwa Cameroon which is approximately 1200 kilometers away on River Benue and Kainji Dam which is approximately 900 kilometers away from the site. Matag needed a dredge that could work continuously through the season.

Dragflow supplied Matag with the model DRH400E35DF configured to reach a depth of 35 meters equipped with DRAGFLOW HY400 submersible pump.

Matag has deployed its dredge and began work on the river at the end of July. Dragflow said Matag is satisfied with the production that is being achieved as well as the efficiency in the cost of production. The new dredge surpasses the production of its other dredge and will allow the company to continue working in all seasons. Matag also said that its cost of acquisition was less than that of its previous dredge.

The new dredge allows Matag to dredge to 30+ meter depths on River Niger. The successful deployment by Dragflow Srl with the logistics coordination of Dragflow Ltd Nigeria was led by Mr. Femi Animashaun dealer/distributor.