International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

A new DRAGFLOW amphibious dredge (DRM85/160E22) was sold by the company’s Chilean distributor Jacol to a mining company in northern Chile. The dredge will work in a tailings pond near a mine in the Atacama Desert which runs along the Pacific Coast through Chile Peru Bolivia and Argentina.

On the project in Chile the dredge will pump back to the mine to repocess the old tailings discharged for many years. Because the water level in the ponds can vary and is usually less than a half meter (about 1.6 feet) the customer choose the amphibious dredge.

With the two lateral tracked floaters the dredge can move on the ground like a standard earth moving machine. Additional central floaters also allow it to float on the water surface. Furthermore the machine can work in halfway conditions like muddy and soft soils shallow waters and swamps reaching the most remote locations. The dredge can work as an excavator and a floating dredge and can work with any type of soil.

The new dredge is equipped with a diesel engine (260 kW) running a hydraulic power pack; a dredging unit with Dragflow Hy85/160 plus two cutters EXHY20; and a jet ring system with high pressure water jets helping the pump in the driest dredging conditions.