International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Two-Phase IDIQ/MATOC in Support of the Mobile District Repair/Construction with Design Capabilities Program for Central America. To Palgag Building Technologies Ltd. for $35000000 line item 0 on May 29 2015 by the Mobile Engineer District. W91278-15-R-0008/ W91278-15-D-0050

Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Contract for Rental of a 27-inch to 30-inch Cutterhead Pipeline Dredge for Maintenance Dredging in Mobile Harbor Mobile County Alabama. To Mike Hooks Inc. for $25000000 on June 3 2015 by the Mobile Engineer District. W91278-15-B-0001/W91278-15-D-0051

Ashtabula Harbor Dredging. To Luedtke Engineering Company for $528800 on July 7 2015 by the Buffalo Engineer District. W912P4-15-B-0005/ W912P4-15-C-0011

Maintenance Dredging of the Federal Navigation Project in Cohasset Harbor Massachusetts. To H2H Associates LLC for $1703090 line items 1 through 3AB on July 13 2015 by the New England Engineer District. W912WJ-15-B-0007/ W912WJ-15-C-0017

West Coast Clamshell Maintenance Dredging 2015. To HME Construction Inc. for $2074550 line item 1 through 6 on July 16 2015 by the Portland Engineer District. W9127N-15-B-0002/ W9127N-15-C-0014

Pump Well Repairs at DD3 located at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Kittery Maine. To Cianbro Corp. for $9127102.93 on July 17 2015 by Department of the Navy NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic. N40085-15-B-6109/N40085-15-C-6109

Mississippi River Basin Pool 12 Stone and Tippy Lakes Jo Daviess County Illinois. To Dubuque Barge and Fleeting Service Co. for $4529831.10 all line items on July 17 2015 by Rock Island Engineer District. W912EK-15-B-0003/ W912EK-15-C-0035 Maintenance Dredging at the Saginaw River Michigan. To The King Co. Inc. for $1419400 on July 22 2015 by the Detroit Engineer District. W911XK-15-B-0008/W911XK-15-C-0016

Maintenance Dredging Wilmington Harbor Anchorage Basin and Between Channel & Eagle Island Cell 1 Dike Raise New Hanover and Brunswick Counties North Carolina. To Southern Dredging Co. Inc. for $3513450 line items 1 through 11 on July 22 2015 by the Wilmington Engineer District. W912PM-15-B-0002/ W912PM-15-C-0012

Professional Services for Obtaining and Analyzing Sediment Samples Water Samples and Bioassay Samples for Civil Works Activities for the Jacksonville District. To Water & Air Research Inc. for $8613952.85 line item 1 on July 22 2015 by the Jacksonville Engineer District. W912EP-15-R-0006/W912EP-15-D-0006

Dredge McFarland Firefighting System Recertification. To Keystone Fire Protection Co. for $26780 on July 30 2015 by the Philadelphia Engineer District. W912BU-15-T-0053/W912BU-15-P-0097

Houston Ship Channel Mid Bay Placement Area Shoreline Stabilization. To Bertucci Contracting Company LLC for $6227786 line items 1 through 12 on July 23 2015 by the Fort Worth Engineer District. W9126G-15-B-0014/ W9126G-15-C-0024

Dredge pump impellers forgings and castings for delivery to Fort Mifflin Distribution Center Philadelphia PA for the Dredge McFarland. To B&H International LLC for $527252 line items 1 through 8 on July 27 2015 by the Philadelphia Engineer District. W912BU-15-T-0031/ W912BU-15-P-0092