International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

The dredging operation working on the new Suez Channel is using 30-inch (OD900mm) and 34-inch (OD1000mm) diameter HDPE pipes from Kiasma Srl in cooperation with Deriplast Spa (K & D Dredging).

The pipeline produced for the dredging of the Suez Canal uses the KFC System technology and in the calculated limits will be able to contain the abrasion of the discharge pipes walls caused by a very aggressive mixture as rock and sand present in the Suez Canal seabed.

Dozens of workers two dedicated production lines four engineers from the R&D department two laboratory engineers for materials testing two production managers engineers a director of logistics four quality control inspectors from the Suez Canal Authority were on-site for 40 days to receive 70 flat rack containers already in transit toward Port Said.

The Suez Canal Authority chose Kiasma Srl (K & D) because its manufactured products (pipes and floats) are technologically advanced and use the latest available polymers and the KGP System (integrated floats) and the KFC System (change of motion of the mixture) are also environmentally friendly and reduce the CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.