International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Three 75 hp Outboard Motors Dredge Goetz. To James Tucker for $17552.73 on January 15 2015 by the St. Paul Engineer District. W912ES-15-P-0020/ W912ES-15-T-0017

Interior Least Tern Habitat Maintenance-Nesting Island Substrate Replenishment Dredging on the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System in Oklahoma. To JSCO Inc. for $67850 line item 1 on March 27 2015 by Tulsa Engineer District. W912BV-15-C-0010/ W912BV-15-R-0027

3600 Gallons of Mobile Guard 410-40 weight Diesel Engine Oil. To Waring Oil Company for $36180 line item 1 on March 31 2015 by the Vicksburg Engineer District. W912EE-15-P-0033/ W807PM5-06-1-4251

FY15 Maintenance Dredging at St. Mary’s River Michigan. To White Lake Dock & Dredge Inc. for $3014250 on April 1 2015 by the Detroit Engineer District. W911XK-15-C-0003/ W911XK-15-B-0005

FY15 Maintenance Dredging at St. Joseph Harbor and Holland Michigan. To The King Co. Inc. for $724000 on April 2 2015 by the Detroit Engineer District. W911XK-15-C-0005/ W911XK-15-B-0010

Sabine-Neches Waterway Texas Jefferson County Texas and Cameron Parish Louisiana Sabine Pass Channel – Pipeline Dredging. To Manson Construction Co. for $4219500 CLINS 1 through 5 on April 7 2015 by the Galveston Engineer District. W9126G-15-C-0092/ W9126G-15-B-0001

Electric Motor Repair for General Electric 1200 hp and 80 hp Motors. To Alliance Specialty Motors Inc. for $21460 line item 1 on April 13 2015 by the Vicksburg Engineer District. W912EE-15-P-0035/W807PM5-03-7-3108

Finger Lakes Trough Hydrant Culvert Work. To A. Vaillancourt LLC for $52000 line items 1 2 5 and 6 on April 16 2015 by the Department of Agriculture Forest Service R-9 North East Acquisition Team. AG-1681-C-15-0004/ AG-1681-S-15-0004

Contract Award for 7000 gallons #2 Dyed Off-Road Diesel Delivered to Lock and Dam 4 Alma Wisconsin and Fountain City Service Base Fountain City Wisconsin. To Cyril J. Pehler LLC for $14343 line item 1 on April 17 2015 by St. Paul Engineer District. W912ES-15-P-0061/ W912ES-15-T-0076

Oyster Restoration Great Wicomico River Northumberland County Virginia. To Corman Marine Construction Inc. for $2097500 line item 1 through 3 on April 21 2015 by the Norfolk Engineer District. W91236-15-C-0037/W91236-15-B-0012

FY15 Joint Base Charleston Maintenance Dredging Charleston County South Carolina. To Cottrell Contracting Corp. for $3092000 CLIN 1 through 8 and 11 on April 24 2015 by the Charleston Engineer District. W912HP-15-C-0004/ W912HP-15-B-0002

Mile Point Training Wall Reconfiguration Duval County Florida. To Manson Construction Co. for $39520500 line items 1 through 27 on April 24 2015 by the Jacksonville Engineer District. W912EP-15-C-0006/W912EP-15-R-0004

Maintenance Dredging In Lower Charleston Harbor Charleston County South Carolina. To Norfolk Dredging Co. for $6055500 on April 26 2015 by the Charleston Engineer District. W912HP-13-C-0003/ W912HP-15-B-0001

Replacement of the Rubber Bearing Surface on Two (2) Forward Stern Tube Cutlass Bearings and Two (2) Aft Stern Tube Cutlass Bearings for the Dredge McFarland. To Morse Rubber LLC for $64070 on April 27 2015 by the Philadelphia Engineer District. W912BU-15-P-0050/ W912BU-15-T-0022