International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Teledyne Marine announces the introduction of the Teledyne PDS software suite a new software package with enhanced capabilities over the former PDS2000.

Teledyne PDS is a 64-bit Windows version offering better performance memory management and features. The Teledyne PDS multipurpose software platform supports a wide range of tasks within hydrography dredge guidance construction support search and recovery operations and port entrance monitoring.

The software interfaces with a wide range of survey instruments such as Lidar multibeam and singlebeam echosounders and also interfacing to a variety of periphery sensors including dredge and construction sensors sound velocity measurements positioning motion systems and most other devices that output data.

Teledyne PDS enables immediate data visualization and quality control to view images or numbers in real-time.

“With the new Teledyne PDS software suite we are targeting an even wider global customer base with improved workflow and data management capabilities for processing large datasets support for nearly any sensor you can find in the market and extensive support for all established survey instruments and we foresee our software offering to be a continued growth area for the Teledyne Marine group” President for Teledyne Marine Acoustic Imaging Group Kim Lehmann said.