International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

The Illumagear LED Halo Light a safety and task light that slides onto a hard hat received eight product awards in 2014. The 360-degree circle of lights illuminates the entire work area as opposed to concentrating light on one spot as an ordinary headlamp would do. In dredging and other construction applications the light allows workers to see and be seen in low-light areas – inside tanks engine rooms and other confined areas that are not provided with other light sources and outdoors in darkness or dim light.

Among the awards the company won are the Occupational Health & Safety New Product of the Year for Protective Apparel the Core77 Design Award for Professional Equipment The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design GOOD DESIGN Award and Equipment Today’s Contractors’ Top 50 New Products of 2014.

Described as a “personal active safety system” the Halo allows the wearer to see and be seen in all directions. It is visible from over a quarter mile away while illuminating a worker’s task area out to his or her visual periphery. It has four modes – a Dim mode for use when working in close proximity with others; Halo: 276 lumens in 360 degrees visible a quarter mile away; Hi-Alert: light pulses around the halo alerting others to the presence of a worker: and Task focusing light on the front third of the Halo to flood the task area with light. LEDs in the back are dimmer continuing the illumination in any direction.


A worker wearing the Halo light is visible for a quarter mile.

A spring systems attaches the system to almost any size hard hat and a rechargeable lithium ion battery lasts through an entire overtime shift. The company submitted the light to submersion impact testing and being run over with a Jeep without damage.

Illumagear was founded in 2012 by Max Baker and Andrew Royal. In May of that year they won a $100000 investment at the Seattle Angel Conference an investor-led conference for Seattle Engineers.

The company’s mission is to improve individual safety by illuminating people working in high-risk environments making them safer and more prepared by using the company’s tools equipment and software. The website is; phone Kyle Sherwood at 425-296-2487.