International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Damen Dredge Equipment refit UK Dredging’s UKD Bluefin with a dredging monitoring system for trailing pipe and loading process monitoring. The project made use of the existing sensors on-board.

The new monitoring system allows monitoring on both bridge wings of both trailing suction pipes in horizontal and vertical angles each on one screen. On another screen the loading process is monitored including a full overview of the trailing suction hopper dredge draught as well as the Tons Dry Solids (TDS) load line. At the navigation desk two more screens have been mounted for the same purposes. The system allows the various screens to show different pages simultaneously. Also a data logging and reporting module plus remote access from the shore-based office have been installed.

All refitting has been done during a scheduled docking at Middlebrough United Kingdom over a two-week period. All signals from the existing sensors such as the trailing pipe’s angle sensors the draught sensors and the concentration and velocity meters were checked and fed into the new system. 

Paul Mitchell UK Dredging operations manger said Damen offered a clear overview of the system. The practice controls were a benefit of the Damen System he said.