International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Through October 2014 the Corps of Engineers North Atlantic Division has completed 66 coastal storm damage risk reduction projects including repairs to 46 Sandy-damaged navigation channels and structures and restoration of 20 engineered beach projects.

Five beach restoration projects and 36 projects to repair navigation channels and structures are underway. Work also continues on 17 flood and storm damage reduction studies all of which are 100 percent federally funded. Feasibility cost-sharing agreements have been executed for 15 of these studies which will lead to construction of new coastal storm damage risk reduction projects. Following its expected completion in mid November one New Jersey study will become a new construction project.

Earlier this year work began on the first of 17 authorized but not yet built projects that will reduce storm damage risk to areas that were vulnerable when Hurricane Sandy hit. These projects which would complement the previously built beach restoration projects were designed and congressionally authorized prior to Sandy but never completed due a lack of funding or easements or both. Of the 17 projects in the North Atlantic Division nine project partnership agreements have been executed and three contracts have been awarded. Substantial completion of these projects is anticipated during the summer of 2015.

In the 20 months since federal funds were appropriated the Corps has placed approximately 25 million cubic yards of sand on beaches in Connecticut Rhode Island New York New Jersey Delaware and Virginia to restore dunes and berms to their authorized specifications. The Corps expects beach restoration efforts in all states to be completed by this fall. The repair of navigation channels and structures which began in February 2013 is scheduled for completion by fall 2015.