International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Bosch Rexroth introduced its IndraDrive CL/ML a scaled product range of drive solutions from 110 kW to four MW. Rexroth said these drives can improve efficiency especially through power regeneration.

The Rexroth Safety on Board safety functions integrated in the drives ensure people and machines are protected.

The drives are for applications in marine offshore and other heavy industries metal forming plastics test printing and metallurgy. In many applications such as forming plastics metallurgy or material handling a high degree of force is often necessary along with a high degree of drive power. With the IndraDrive CL/ML Rexroth said machine operators can reduce power consumption up to the multi-megawatt range while also increasing productivity.

In multi-axis systems the drives use the braking energy within the drive assemblage via a DC-bus coupling and excess energy can be fed back into the network. The drives also store static and rotational energy and includes the Smart Energy Mode function that manages a consistent energy demand from the mains side to save energy and avoid voltage spikes.

Rexroth offers the IndraDrive CL/ML in power ranges of 110 kW to 500 kW on a single unit and a drive power of up to 4 MW can be achieved with up to eight individual 500 kW drives running a single motor. The drive systems can be either air- or liquid-cooled and can include option drive-integrated safety capabil