International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

The National Marine Dredging Company (NMDC) in the United Arab Emirates extended its cutter dredge simulator to include training on the RESON PDS2000.

NMDC uses the training center to improve fleet efficiency and dredging accuracy and quality. Its dredge training center features the latest IHC Systems multi-platform cutter dredge simulator; the deployment of PDS2000 chart based three-dimensional dredge presentation systems on heavy-duty dredges and survey boats support craft cranes and barges; and the use of survey equipment such as the multi-beam echo sounders.

The dredge training center is aimed at improving the standard of dredge operators and the training of newcomers. The center developed and launched the intensive dredgemasters training program to revamp its automation skills and the way it does its jobs. This was extended to training on the Reson PDS2000 systems including training of dredge superintendents surveyors and technical staff.

NMDC said the combined implementation of dredge automation and 3D presentation systems along with the centimeter accuracy RTK positioning helped with cost accuracy and quality challenges in recent projects such as quay walls offshore islands deep ports nuclear plants and oil field infrastructure.