International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

CodaOctupus introduced a new sonar for ROV and AUV operations. Based on Echoscope 3D imaging technology and software Dimension provides real-time 3D imaging for subsea vehicle applications.

Using the Vantage software suite and beamforming techniques the Dimension sonar provides the ROV pilot with a Vantage QV (Quad View) feature for safe navigation obstacle avoidance and real-time subsea scene imaging.

Vantage QV features a conventional plan view commonly provided by scanning sonars along with three additional simultaneous realtime perspectives of the subsea environment: forward side and 3D.

With an operating frequency range of 240-325 kHz and a maximum opening angle of 90 degrees by 32 degrees. CodaOctopus said Dimension provides spatial awareness of the vehicle’s environment which allows the pilot to operate safely in and around complex work sites especially in low visibility conditions.