International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Teledyne BlueView released the M900-D rated to 4000 meters (about 13000 feet) of depth. The M900-D system is housed in a thickwalled air-filled aluminum housing. The compact MSeries sonar line includes BlueView’s third generation electronics package which is smaller lower power and produces improved imagery over the previous models by applying techniques such as automatic transmit power adjustment.

Teledyne BlueView’s sonar systems are deployed on AUVs ROVs surface vessels fixed positions and portable tripods and have been adopted by manufacturers and service providers to support mission-critical operations.

Teledyne BlueView also released its Pro-Mapper software package a geomosaicking program that can place 2D forward-looking sonar (FLS) imagery over an aerial image or a nautical chart.

By combining a GPS and compass with a standard BlueView 2D sonar ProMapper users can track area coverage and create area sonar maps during a search and/or survey operation. ProMapper is the first application extension (AppEx™) for BlueView’s 2D sonar.

“The placement of the sonar tracks onto geo-referenced backgrounds provides operators with greatly improved situational awareness” BlueView’s Chief Hydrographer Nick Lesnikowski said. In addition ProMapper integrates into BlueView BV3200 deployment system with built in GPS and compass.