International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Martek Marine launched its iECDIS (electronic chart display and information system) for chart overlays which can provide a better representation of the available data. The charts allow users to superimpose additional layers of information over a chart displayed on the iECDIS screen such as weather data tide forecasts and ice charts.

Martek’s iECDIS supports worldwide weather overlays including tides and currents storm tracking/forecasting and wind and wave predictions. Online data is updated every thirty minutes and users can choose how often this information is retrieved as well as set their own critical weather update parameters for alarms and route planning.

iECDIS also supports ice charts for arctic navigation and radar overlay which transposes the radar image on the ECDIS screen providing a single display to view cross-referenced data.

Additionally iECDIS runs Martek’s piracy overlay. This information is constantly updated with intelligence from authoritative sources including the International Maritime Bureau EU Naval Forces and the United States Navy’s Office of Naval Intelligence.