International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Tideland Signal Corp. installed temporary warning systems on two platforms in the Clair Ridge development west of Shetland which lies north-east of mainland Britain. The system will mark the platforms for two years while work continues on the topsides and subsea pipelines.

The Syncrolan light stations include an ML-300 LED main light equipped with a MaxiHALO EFF light source flashing Morse U over 360 degrees and over a range of 10 NM. Mounted on the same pedestal the secondary lantern is only activated if the first light fails.

With high sensitivity to 50dBm in both X- and S-Band the SeaBeacon 2 System 6 racon on the larger jacket will respond better to weaker interrogation from lower-power radars on smaller vessels – or to radars at greater distances/ranges. The AB-560s installed on the DP jacket provide main and secondary fog signals.

The two bridge-linked platforms of Clair Ridge are located in 459 feet (140 meters) of water. The jackets were installed in June and July 2013 and the topsides are due for installation in 2015 with production scheduled to start the following year.