International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Dredge Central LLC announced the latest addition to its growing inventory of refurbished used dredges with the completion of a Mud Cat model MC-15 horizontal auger dredge. The refurbished dredge is ready to work.

Its specifications include 38-foot nine-inch length; eight-foot width; nine-foot three-inch height; 19800-lb. weight; and 21-foot draft. The dredge has a digging depth of 15 feet maximum. Its Detroit Diesel 6-71 RC engine has 175 hp (130 kw) @ 1800 rpm.

The pump has a centrifugal closed impeller eight inches by six inches x 18 ½ inches. The pump capacity is 2000 gallons/minute and can remove 50 to 120 cubic yards of material/hour.

This dredge is ideal for most horizontal auger dredge applications including agricultural and industrial ponds marina maintenance and canals.

Dredge Central’s standard refurbishing procedure for used dredges includes sandblasting and painting and inspection repair or replacement of all systems as needed.

Other ongoing Dredge Central projects include an Ellicott 970 dredge being remanufactured for a client in West Africa three 18-inch GIW/Caterpillar boosters being manufactured for a Mexican contractor and a 16-inch swinging- ladder AMMCO dredge for Army Corps of Engineers projects on the Missouri River. The company is continuing to supply dredge components and parts to its customers.