International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Partrac Ltd. celebrated a ten-year anniversary in September. The three founding directors Kevin Black Peter Wilson and Sam Athey started  Partrac Ltd. in 2003 and the company now has 22 staff and a warehouse full of the latest marine technology including a number of innovative and unique marine instruments and technologies.

Partrac operates across a number of sectors including offshore renewables the water industry the ports and harbors sector and the dredging industry. Partrac delivers data to clients including the U.S. Navy Scottish Power Renewables and Westminster Boskalis.

The company originally formed to provide particle tracing and sediment monitoring services and expanding the business into monitoring tidal currents and waves. We invested in both good people and quite a lot of equipment and developed services to measure and monitor the most challenging physical oceanography Wilson said delivering monitoring and data acquisition solutions for physical oceanography in Scotland England and Wales and across Europe.

In the U.S. Partrac focuses on the issues around sediment movement and sediment impacts leading to commission for the U.S. Navy the Corps of Engineers and the U.S. Geological Survey. Partrac is working on a $500000 particle tracking and sediment tracing study for the U.S. Navy in San Diego. Back in the U.K. Partrac is completing a 3.5-year environmental water quality monitoring for a dredging project in Europe.