International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

The Western Dredging Association (WEDA) and Texas A&M will host the annual WEDA 34th and Texas A&M 45th annual dredging conference at the Fairmont Royal York in Toronto Canada June 15 –18 2014.

As always the conference will host an educational  technical  program  and  promote  the exchange  of  knowledge  in  fields  related  to dredging navigation marine engineering construction and the environment.

The conference will begin with a pre-conference tour of Toronto a city that has a population of people from more than 200 countries speaking more than 130 languages.

After the technical program there will be post-conference tours to a Niagara-on-the-lake boat tour Niagara Falls and Cambridge

Farmers Market (first opened in 1830). A trip to Stratford that reflects the prosperity and grandeur of Stratfords Victorian Past are also in the planning stages.

Call for Papers

The  theme  of  the  conference  “Expanding the Dredging World” will focus on the historical structural and operational development of navigation throughout the Western Hemisphere. The critical global economic need for dredging and the importance of enhancing the marine environment will be a topic.

Also the conference hopes to explore historical dredging developments trends and the progress that has created todays market trends an emerging environmental issues including a forum for discussions between North Central South American and Pacific regions.

Paper topics can include but are not limited to: the history of dredging milestone projects; dredging research; budgeting and cost estimating; development of cargo carrying ships; dredging for flood control; geotechnical aspects; what drives the industry; market trends; navigation channel depths; surveying and mapping; dredging for beach nourishment; new dredging equipment; dredge safety issues; and environmental cleanup sites.

Abstracts are due January 15 2014; final manuscripts are due April 1 2014. One-page abstracts must include: descriptive title author names author contact information (company name address phone fax and email address) and abstract (fewer than 300 words).