International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Main Engine Overhaul for Vessel Currituck Wilmington District. To Rachel Buck for $75766 line item 1 on January 4 2013 by the Wilmington Engineer District. W912PM-13-P-0043/ W912PM-13-T-0006

Regional Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Multiple Award Task Order Contracts (MATOCs) for Miscellaneous Dredging Projects within the Boundaries of the South Atlantic Division. To C. F. Bean LLC on January 14 2013 by the Jacksonville Engineer District. W912EP-13-D-0015/ W912EP-10-R-0026

Maintenance Dredging 46-Foot Project Entrance Channel (Cut-1N) Kings Bay Georgia and Fernandina Harbor Florida Camden County Georgia and Nassau County Florida. To Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Co. LLC for $3431350 line items 1 through 8 on January 16 2013 by the Jacksonville Engineer District. W912EP-11-D-0004-Task Order 6/ GROUP1-10-R-J008

20-inch Dredge Discharge Hose. To Amazon Hose & Rubber Co. for $12772 all line items on January 24 2013 by the Department of Interior Bureau of Reclamation. R13PX34046/ R13PS34046

Maintenance Dredging of the Susquehanna River. To Cottrell Contracting Corporation for $1944945.20 CLINS 1 through 14 on January 29 2013 by the Baltimore Engineer District. W912DR-13-C-0014/W912DR-12-B-0013

DMCA 14A Back Dike Raising Jasper County South Carolina. To Ashridge Inc. for $3983382 on January 31 2013 by the Savannah Engineer District. W912HN-13-C-0005/ W912HN-13-R-0002

Dredging of Arthur Kill Channel (S-AK-3) plus KVK #10 Buoy and West-Elizabeth Navigation Improvement 50-foot deepening project New York and New Jersey Harbor. To Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Co. for $41368100 on January 31 2013 by the New York Engineer District. W912DS-13-C-0012/ W912DS-12-B-0011

Plumb Beach Shore Protection Project located along the southern margin of the Borough of Brooklyn New York. To Village Dock and Dredge for $2051626 line items 1 through 10 on January 31 2013 by the New York Engineer District. W912DS-13-C-0013/ W912DS-13-B-0001

Capoli Slough Islands Stage 2 Environmental Management Program (EMP) Mississippi River Pool 9 River Miles 656.7 to 658.5 Crawford County Wisconsin. To McHugh Excavating and Plumbing Inc. for $2973455 line items 1 through 16 on February 4 2013 by the St. Paul Engineer District. W912ES-13-C-0005/ W912ES-13-B-0001

Mississippi River and Southwest Pass Hopper Dredge Rental Contract Number 1-2013 Plaquemines Parish Louisiana Specification Number OM-13-001. To Manson Construction Co. for $3265600 CLIN 1 and 2 with option 3 on February 7 2013 by the New Orleans Engineer District. W912P8-13-C-0014/ W912P8-13-B-0001. Option 3 is $4698400 if awarded.

Mobile Guard 409-40 Diesel Engine Oil or Equal Product for Dredge Jadwin Vicksburg Mississippi. To Delta Fuel Co. Inc. for $40250 line item 1 on February 8 2013 by the Vicksburg Engineer District. W912EE-13-P-0039/ W912EE-13-T-0010

Coastal Wetlands Planning Protection and Restoration Act (CWPPRA) – Pilottown Anchorage Area Maintenance Dredging Plaquemines Parish Louisiana (ED-12-036). To Mike Hooks Inc. for $11962750 line items 1 through 5 on February 13 2013 by the New Orleans District. W912P8-13-C-0013/ W912P8-13-B-0016

2013 to 2017 Maintenance Dredging Nome Alaska. To Alaska Marine Excavation LLC for $1003870 base items 1 through 3 3AA 3AB 4 and 5 on February 22 2013 by the Alaska Engineer District. W911KB-13-C-0007/ W911KB-13-B-0001