International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Dolese Bros. Co. has ordered a new electric dredge from DSC Dredge for its North Guthrie Sand Plant.

“Dolese Bros. Co. has always made stewardship of the environment and our communities a top priority. Operating electric rather than diesel dredges is one of the ways to keep that commitment to the environment and our neighbors” said Tommy Bacon special projects superintendent.

The new dredge replaces an electric dredge so the infrastructure for supplying power to the dredge from the local electric utility is already in place. It will work in an alluvial river deposit using a 16” x 16” pump driven by an 800 hp motor.

Asked how far the dredge will pump Bacon told IDR “The distance any dredge is capable of pumping without a booster is dependent on what percentage of lost production you are willing to accept. The processing plant at the North Guthrie Sand Plant is centrally located on the property eliminating the need for a booster pump. The maximum production with the new dredge versus the current dredge will not change much. We are hoping to see production tonnage not fall off as quickly with increased pipeline distances and the new dredge should have lower operating cost.”

The dredge will pump to a wet classification processing plant.

Headquartered in Oklahoma City Dolese Bros. operates seven dredges in six sand plants – five in Oklahoma and one north of Baton Rouge Louisiana. The company was in operation before Oklahoma’s statehood in 1907 and today has more than 15 facilities providing crushed stone sand and gravel materials to the construction industry. It operates 45 ready-mixed concrete plants in Oklahoma and seven in Louisiana with more than 330 concrete mixer trucks delivering product daily in the two states. The company consistently wins awards for its quality safety and environmental dedication.