International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Neptune Introduces Non-Slip Pipe Floats

Neptune™ Flotation has released its line of cable hose and pipe floats with Clamp Tite™ a patent pending closing system that prevents the floats from slipping on the pipe.
Andy Elder president of Neptune Flotation told IDR that the biggest problem with this type of float is that they slide along the pipe while they are towed into place.

“When this happens part of the pipeline becomes submerged creating a safety hazard and decreasing the life expectancy of the pipe” he said.

Compression points within the float compress and add friction to the dredge pipeline providing 100 percent clamping power on the pipe.

“We tested this by having four grown men push on one of the installed floats. They couldn’t get it to budge” he said.
Neptune Floats are designed for any marine pipe cable and hose installation including dredging mining and dewatering applications ranging in size from two inches (50 mm) to 30 inches (600 mm).