International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

The Inland Rivers Ports and Terminals (IRPT) organization has sent a notice to its members discussing the declining federal investment to keep the inland waterway system viable and cost-efficient.

Dennis Wilmsmeyer IRPT president said:
|!|In one of the latest developments the Corps of Engineers has found it necessary to address its reduced FY12 budget for operations and maintenance (O & M) by proposing a cutback on the operating hours at numerous locks in the U.S. Specifically it is our understanding that beginning no later than October 2012 and earlier in many cases the Corps of Engineers will begin to reduce operating hours at 63 locks nationwide based upon the number of commercial lockages that were recorded in 2010. The USACE districts have been instructed to hold informational meetings to spread the word.

|!|A PDF of the planned lock reduction strategy by the Corps is available on the IRPT Web site We want your input and feedback. Specifically: 1. Are you impacted by any of the reductions in operating hours. If so which lock(s)? 2. Can you provide an estimate of the increased cost to your operation directly due to a reduction in the Lock operating hours? 3. Were you informed by your USACE District about this proposal and given the opportunity to comment? 4. Has your Corps District provided an implementation schedule for the affected lock(s)?

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